Cradled in the unfolding mysteries of the present moment, I invite you to approach adversity and its messengers not as a problem, but rather, as the perfect companion on the path to awakening.


The Heart Of Resilience

So often after a challenging life event, the smoke clears and we're expected to carry on with our life as if nothing ever happened. Holding pain, confusion, and the fragmented bits of a life that we hardly recognize anymore, we try to move on as quickly as possible and often alone--no one ever showing us how to reassemble our hearts, minds, or external affairs.   

The Heart of Resilience is an individually tailored program that uses five domains to journey to the heart of resilience: Self-compassion, deep rest, play, connection, and narrative. 

Using these five domains, I offer individual sessions focusing on resilience guidance for womxn who have experienced adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, loss, a significant source of stress, or the trauma of everyday life.


​The Heart of Resilience is 20-weeks in its entirety and is 4-weeks per domain.

The program can be taken all at once or by domain as needed.

Together our aim will be to catalyze personal growth and empowerment through utilizing time tested technologies rooted in Buddhist and Vedic approaches to well-being in conjunction with evidence-based strategies to give you the tools you need to rebuild your life and awaken to your most authentic self.  

​As much as I would love to support all of the womxn who are seeking my services, The Heart of Resilience sessions are not suitable for those who are currently in crisis or for those that are looking for a traditional therapeutic approach.


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Deep Rest, Natural Acceptance


Your experiences are sacred. Honor them. Invite total intimacy with them. Say to them with your attuned presence "I see you. I hear you. I'm here with you."


Most of us yearn for a deep connection. The kind that will reassure us that we are seen, heard, and accepted--that nothing is wrong with us or our lives. And often, we do not find it in the world around us, or if we do it doesn't seem to last.

The invitation that is on offer is to discover that our simple presence is a deep and loving holding space--a natural field that embraces us and our lives, not as fractured pieces, but as whole, resolute, and divine. 


To sit in our natural presence, even for a few minutes, is to discover that the rest and acceptance that we so deeply long for is always at hand. 

Deep rest in the form of meditation encourages the optimization of our brain in ways that improve focus, clarity, relaxation, emotional regulation, and overall wellness. There are thousands of research articles demonstrating the efficacy of meditation in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and symptoms of PTSD.

I have been trained in various meditative methods and by teachers within a wide array of Buddhist and non-Buddhist traditions. It's my aim to utilize a best fit approach depending on the individual or group I am practicing with. I am most at home in teaching Just-awareness meditation, where we remain natural and easy as we witness the unfolding of the present moment. Gradually, we return home to our effortless presence. 

I offer meditation retreats, workshops, and one-on-one instruction to womxn, men, and children where I integrate topics such as creativity, conscious relating, self-compassion, and radical acceptance. 

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Hey there, thanks for dropping by. My name is Windy, I provide guidance to womxn who have faced adversity. I've been doing this work within the mental health and social services fields since 2012 and have had the privilege of journeying with countless individuals in that time. 


My approach came about organically over the years in my one-on-one work, through learning more about trauma and resilience within the field of psychology, and spending time in India and the U.S. integrating various eastern meditative and contemplative practices.  


My educational background is in psychology, sociology, Buddhist psychotherapy, and counseling.


While I have gained a great deal through formal study, it's my own history of abuse, neglect, abandonment, and poverty, as well as my long journey towards resilience using Buddhist approaches to wellness that have inspired my work the most. 


My interest in working with women was motivated by a stint as a professional dominatrix, where I experimented with reimagining female/male power dynamics. 


In 2011, I provided support to the widows of Vrindavan who had been abandon by their families and society. In 2013, I provided outreach services to girls from the brothels of Varanasi. During this time my heart expanded in learning of the gender-based violence that these women and girls faced, and I began recognizing as my own. 


My interest in working in-depth with women also developed from watching many of the women I've known throughout my professional and personal life become debilitated as a result of a lack of support and resources after an adverse life event. 


Simply put, I believe in our ability to fully awaken to our most authentic selves, not despite our adversity, but through our adversity.  

“Our habit is to view challenging situations as if something is wrong; that we are a victim and we have a problem. What if instead of a problem, we perceive stress as a signal to call on our resourcefulness, our intelligence, care and courage? Resilience grows when we become intentional about bringing our best to difficult life seasons.”

Tara Brach


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